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Ambassadors of Faith: Exemplifying Excellence in Conduct

Good and evil cannot be equal. Repel evil with what is better and your enemy will become as close as an old and valued friend (Fussilat 34).

As Muslims, we have a duty to make the world around us a better place. Our religion teaches us to become proactively involved in our society, to honor our neighbors, to protect our environment, to uphold justice, and to enact positive change. If we choose to remain insular and our concern does not extend beyond the aspirations and ambitions of our immediate family, consuming and not contributing, then we have none to blame but ourselves should others view us with suspicion or negativity.

Please join DarusSalam Foundation for this year’s annual retreat, entitled Ambassadors of Faith: Exemplifying Excellence in Conduct, where we will explore the pristine teachings of our religion regarding the role of a Muslim in his capacity as a family member, a friend, a colleague, a community member, and a citizen, someone who not only represents his faith through his words but through his deeds and his character.


May 12-14, 2017


Love Thy Neighbor
Bringing It Home: Family Etiquette
Befriending Foes: Kindness in the Face of Hostility
The Greatest Generation: Character of the Sahabah
Profitable Venture: The Spread of Islam in East Africa and Southeast Asia
Embodying Mercy: The Immaculate Personality of the Prophet ﷺ
Caretakers of the Earth: Man’s Duty Toward His Environment
Keeping the Pact: Fulfilling Covenants and Agreements
Knowing Our Boundaries: Maintaining Our Identity
Weight of a Nation: The Life of Mawlana Ilyas
Sagacious Gems: Sayyid Ali Nadwi
Upholding Justice



All brothers are welcome and strongly suggested to spend the duration of the retreat in i’tikaf. Ample space is available for brothers to sleep in the masjid. Individuals performing i’itkaf must bring their own bedding. 

Out-of-State Visitors

DarusSalam is pleased to provide a discount at Fairfield Inn & Suites for families attending from out of town. The hotel is located just half a mile from DarusSalam Foundation.

Simply mention DarusSalam at time of booking or click here to reserve your room, starting at $84/night.

Graduation & Open House

This year, our retreat will also include the graduation ceremony for our Tanwir Intensive 1-Year Arabic & Islamic Studies Program as well as an Open House for those who are interested in joining for the 2017-2018 academic year. This Open House includes:

-A tour of the facility
-Student presentations
-Live classroom experience
-Overview of courses
-Meeting with teachers and current students
-Q&A session

If you are interested in joining the Tanwir Program, click here to learn more and apply, and be sure to reserve your spot in the Open House here.

Airport Shuttle Service

If you are flying in from out of town and would like us to arrange for your pick-up and drop-off, please click here.


Alhamdulillah, this program is being offered free of cost for all attendees. This is only possible through the help of Allah SWT as well as your support. Please click the Donate button below to help cover the cost of this retreat. Even if you are unable to attend,  your donation will ensure that you receive the reward for all those who attend and benefit from this program inshaAllah,


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