DarusSalam Foundation offers counseling and advice to individuals and groups in order to assist them in arriving at a mutual solution that is in accordance with the teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah. All sessions are based on confidentiality, trust, respect for all parties, and a sincere desire to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement.


Marriage counseling

DarusSalam offers counseling sessions to spouses facing turbulence in their relationship who wish to resolve their issues through prophetic teachings and guidance. Each relationship is unique and no two couples experience the exact same scenario. However, Islam has given some broad guidelines on marriage, such as what rights each spouse has over the other, what role the extended family plays in the relationship, etc. Marriage counseling is also beneficial for those couples not experiencing difficulties, but who wish to improve their relationship.


Pre-marital counseling

DarusSalam Foundation also offers premarital counseling to prospective couples.  Premarital counseling is an excellent way of familiarizing oneself, prior to marriage, with the obligations of marriage, the rights each spouse has over the other, and keys to a successful marriage. Please note that DarusSalam Foundation requires that the bride be accompanied by a male relative.



Mediation is a quick and inexpensive way to resolve disputes. DarusSalam offers pro bono mediation and arbitration services for disputing parties who desire to arrive at a solution in accordance with the shariah.