In addition to DarusSalam Foundation’s numerous educational programs specifically directed at educating Muslims about their religion, DarusSalam additionally holds and exciting set of dawah and outreach programs catering towards educating others about Islam. Please see below for more detail.


Dawah (Outreach)

  • Classes and presentations on the basic tenets of Islam 
  • Coordinated tours of our masjid facility for those of other faiths.
  • Interfaith educational forums
  • Visitation/presentation to various schools, universities, and other denominational institutions
  • And more!

Social Services

  • Clothes drives for refugees, poor, and homeless
  • Food pantry collection for refugees, poor, and homeless
  • Charity to those in need
  • Participation in soup kitchens
  • Participation in local and state events and programs
  • Free medical screenings  by licensed professionals for various medical illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma, anemia, etc.
  • And more!

If you have any questions on Islam, feel free to contact us at

Jazakallah khair and thank you!