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Salah and Zakat Workshops

by Mohammed Meah

Please join us for a salah workshop on Saturday, August 3rd and a zakat workshop on Sunday, August 4th.  The seminars will be conducted by  Mufti Abrar Mirza after dhuhr salah (1:30PM). The program will cover the essentials of these two pillars of Islam.  There will be practical demonstrations followed by a Q&A session at the end.

I‘tikaf Program Schedule

by Mohammed Meah

Overview of I‘tikaf Program – Monday, July 29th to Thursday, August 8th Time Program 4:30   –  5:15   am Hadith: Virtues of Ramadan & Surah Yaseen Recitation 12:00 –  1:15   pm Quran: Collective Khatm & Du’a 2:00   –  3:15   pm Tafsir/Tajwid Workshop (Last Ten Surahs) 2:45   –  3:45   pm Fiqh Workshop 7:05   –  8:00   pm […]

Daily Tarawih Tafsir

by Mohammed Meah

Every night there will be a 20 minute tafsir halaqa before the ‘Isha salat concerning the ayat that will be recited in tarawih that night.