What is the Tafhim Program?

The Tafhim Weekend Islamic Studies Program offers courses on weekends for adults who wish to study traditional knowledge but cannot do so on a full-time basis. The importance of pursuing Islāmic knowledge continues throughout all stages of one’s life. After fulfilling the obligations of worship and the need to seek sustenance, one should participate in studying Islām as much as they are able. The Tafhīm Program focuses on providing educational opportunities for eager learners of all ages on a part-time basis.

Every Muslim must know the material covered in these courses. By attending Tafhīm one will acquire their farḍ al-ʿayn knowledge; as well, through introductory lessons in some of the most fundamental Islāmic subjects, one will gain a familiarity with classical scholarship. Islāmic theology, law, and spirituality are focused on in the program.

This program consists of eight semesters. Upon successfully completing the program, one will receive a certificate of completion. More importantly, one will have gained the knowledge that is necessary to successfully traverse into the Hereafter to meet Allāh with sound belief, correct practice, and a pure heart. This program is one that one will find perpetual reward for. Reward will come both in this life and in the next.

About the Class

The Winter/Spring semester is sixteen weeks long, starting in January and ending in May. And the Fall/Winter semester is sixteen weeks long starting in August and ending in December. A detailed schedule will be announced before each semester. Classes will run according to schedule every Saturday & Sunday 10AM-1:20PM. There will be three hours of class with breaks in between and refreshments provided.

Fall 2017

Both Saturday and Sunday tracks will take place from 10:00 am – 1:20 pm. Classes will begin August 12/13 and run throu December 22/23.

Saturday Track 

The History & Development of Fiqh
An Introduction to Hadith Science
‘Aqidah: Part One

Sunday Track

Fiqh of Salah: Part One
Surahs of Salah
Purification of the Heart


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